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United Green Connections is a Strategic Sales Partner empowering your Cannabis Business' growth

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Catalysts for Cannabis Cash-Flow

What We Do

As a reputable cannabis brokerage firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive guidance and assistance to businesses within the cannabis industry.

Our Area of Expertise

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions and industry-specific expertise to help you thrive in the dynamic world of cannabis.

Fine-Tuning Your Sales Plan

We conduct in-depth market research and analysis to identify target demographics, consumer preferences, and emerging trends, enabling you to refine your sales strategies and maximize your market share.

Cultivating Strategic Partnerships

We help forge strategic partnerships within the cannabis industry, connecting you with complementary businesses and stakeholders to create mutually beneficial collaborations that drive growth and expand your market reach.

Streamlining your Purchasing

We analyze your current supply chain processes and identify areas for improvement, streamlining the purchasing workflow, reducing costs, and ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality cannabis products.

Why Us?

Our professional services can provide several benefits compared to in-house solutions.


Enhance Cash-Flow

Our partners pay on time, which improves cash flow and financial performance. We help businesses grow and become profitable.



Our cost-effective solutions help cannabis businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and achieve long-term success.


Extensive Network

Our extensive cannabis network provides you with a competitive edge. Connect with others in the industry to collaborate, distribute products, and gain market insights.

Let's Look At the Stats

Here are some of the outcomes companies working with sales brokerages experience:


in average reduction of overhead expenses


in average increase of cash flow


in average savings on sales and marketing


in average decrease in administrative costs

See what Our Partners Are Saying

“Your orders helped us out a lot during a really tough time. Thank you.”



“You were the 3rd broker we talked to but the only one that could sell. Thanks again.”


Director of Operations

“We've tried six or seven other brokers, but we've never had any luck with them. It must be because it's hard to get these deals done with dispensaries.”



“We can keep our cash flow for other things…it's worthwhile.”



“I bet most places aren't looking at inward metrics like you are, and you're going to be giving a lesson that will save them money while making them more in the process, which is why we signed up.”


Director of Sales

“A big shout out to United Green and Platform Robotics for allowing us to partner with their technology. The Softrim Technology is state of the art and as advertised. This new addition to the market will allow us to lower our trim rates and increase the quality.”


Master Grower